A Benson woman tragically lost her life in a median crossover crash on I-10 near Kolb Road last Friday. Officials have identified the woman who was killed in a multi-vehicle crash on Friday as 58-year-old Cathy Morales.

The woman was driving west on I-10 shortly after 2 p.m. when she crossed the median into the eastbound lanes, leading to a multi-vehicle crash, authorities say.

Officials suspect a blown tire caused Morales, to lose control of her SUV and swerve into oncoming traffic on Interstate 10 between the exits for Wilmot and Kolb roads on Friday afternoon. There are no cable median barriers on this area of Interstate 10.

Cable median barriers are high-tension wires strung along a series of posts.

Studies show they are highly effective at preventing crossover incidents and have significantly decreased fatalities in other states. Many stretches of Arizona highways lack cable barriers that could help avert crossover crashes like the one that happened last Friday.

The crash occurred in an area where ADOT has posted “No Median Barrier” warning signs for motorists. Warning signs cannot prevent crossover crashes. ADOT has posted these warning signs all over the state.

The area where the crash occurred is well known for congestion and has a known crash history. Plans to widen the road have been in discussion since 2011 between ADOT and the Pima Association of Government.

In 2012, a fatal crash crossover crash occurred at milepost 268.5, very close to the location of Friday’s crash. The Leader Law Firm represented the family of the man who lost his life in the tragic crash. Other fatal crossover crashes have happened in this same stretch of I-10, yet nothing has been done to make the road safer for motorists.

Our deepest condolences go to the family of Cathy Morales, who lost her life last Friday.