Another catastrophic wrong-way crash occurred this week along I-17 in Phoenix. As of this writing, five people suffered severe, possibly life-changing injuries. Wrong-way crashes happen with astonishing frequency across our state.

The Leader Law Firm and Zachar Law Firm have brought lawsuits against the State of Arizona based on wrong-way crashes.

It is a matter of record that Arizona has one of the worst wrong-way driving problems in the country. While the reasons for this aren’t clear, we believe ADOT’s response to the problem has been entirely inadequate.

ADOT has overhead freeway signs capable of warning of approaching motorists of wrong-way drivers and telling approaching motorists to get off the roadway.

ADOT also has camera operators who monitor freeways and see wrong-way drivers, meaning they are often in a position warn approaching motorists.

We are aware of at least two tragedies where wrong-way drivers were observed on roadways for approximately 30 minutes, driving the wrong way, and yet, fatal collisions were not prevented.

Improved entrance ramp warning signs would help. Flashing “TAPCO” warning signs by themselves reduce wrong-way crashes by around 30%.

Numerous other measures are available to ADOT.

We hope everyone injured in the wrong way crash makes a full recovery.