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A car accident claim is one of the most common types of personal injury claims. You have the option of working directly with the insurance adjuster and perhaps represent yourself in small claims court. You can represent yourself in small claims court over a crash that involves minor property damage; however, an experienced car accident lawyer is a must if you or someone else is seriously injured.

Representing yourself in a car accident claim is often not a good idea because these cases can be complicated. Additionally, dealing with insurance companies can be challenging, time-consuming, and often frustrating.

Determining Who Was at Fault

An official police report is not the last word on which driver caused a car accident. Even if the report favors you, the defendant could still successfully dispute it with eyewitness testimony or accident reconstruction by an expert. The defendant could successfully claim you were partially at fault in the crash, in which case your damages could be reduced (or even eliminated in some states).

Life-Changing, Long-Term Damages

If your injuries are long-term, you will need to calculate your long-term losses carefully. What kind of things are included?

Medical expenses: A severe car accident could leave you with spinal cord injuries, broken bones, missing limbs, or other severe injuries. The full extent of such injuries might not fully show themselves before the statute of limitations for your claim expires. When negotiating a settlement, you will need help to estimate your long-term medical expenses accurately so that you don’t run out of money years or even decades after your accident.

Lost work time or loss of occupation: If your injuries have affected your profession, you will need to be able to estimate your long-term lost income. This process can be complicated; some injuries may be significant, but some smaller injuries could affect your future employment options.

Emotional damages: You are entitled to compensation for your physical suffering and any mental distress that arises from your injury, such as the loss of ability to exercise or be active. These kinds of damages are difficult to quantify; they are important because they frequently amount to several times the amount a victim recovered for medical expenses and lost work time combined.

If You Have to File a Lawsuit

In some cases, it becomes necessary to file a lawsuit to encourage the defendant to settle. You may need to file to keep your claim alive when the statute of limitations deadline is approaching.

The best option is to consult with an experienced personal injury attorney in your area. Find an attorney with significant experience in your type of case. Most injury lawyers (including ours) offer free case consultations.

You can’t lose anything by having a free consultation to determine the best legal options in your situation. John Leader is highly experienced in these types of cases.