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How Common is Nursing Home Abuse?

Sadly, elder neglect and abuse can occur in all types of environments.

Care homes and nursing homes are not exempt. Sadly, studies have shown that older persons who live in community settings are abused more often than older persons living in other settings.

More than three million older Americans currently live in nursing homes in the country.

There are several levels of care homes, including:

  • Residential living
  • Assisted Living
  • Dementia Care
  • Skilled Care
  • Memory Care
  • Palliative and Hospice Care

Finding a Care Facility for Your Loved One

The decision to place a loved one in a nursing home can be challenging for families. However, we trust and assume that caregivers will treat our loved ones with compassion, quality care, and dignity in making that decision.

There is a high demand for care with Arizona’s large elder population.

Choosing a care facility is a daunting task. However, resources are available to help you decide on the right place for your loved one.

Unfortunately, some companies come to places like Arizona, setting up poorly staffed facilities primarily to make money. Entities may provide low-quality, substandard care to maximize profits. The ratio of caregivers to patients may be low, leading to lapses in care.

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How We Can Help

If you’re concerned about a possible neglect or abuse situation in a care facility, contact the Leader Law Firm to schedule a free, confidential evaluation of your potential case.

We have settled numerous nursing home abuse cases and would be glad to look at yours. We can discuss your matter, answer your questions and help determine if you should pursue legal action.

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