FAQ’s: Qui Tam/False Claims

What is Qui Tam? If you've uncovered evidence indicating that your employer may be defrauding the federal government, you may have a civil lawsuit under the federal False Claims Act called a "qui tam" action. False Claims Act The federal law, known as the False Claims Act compensates people, known…

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whistleblower cases

What is a “Whistleblower”?

What is a "Whistleblower"? Many of us have heard the term "whistleblower" but are not entirely familiar with its meaning. A Whistleblower Case refers to when an employee exposes illegal or unethical activity at their workplace, either private or public. A whistleblower can bring forth accusations internally within their company…

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What is a Whistleblower Case?

A person files a whistleblower or Qui Tam action with information that a corporation or individual has committed fraud against a government entity. These laws are designed to help discover and penalize such fraud. They encourage people who know about such fraud to report it, and the whistleblower statutes offer…

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