A fatal crossover crash claimed one life near Nogales yesterday. Two accidents closed portions of I-19 near Nogales yesterday. In one of the crashes, one person died, and nine others were treated for injuries in the head-on collision Thursday morning.

According to the Arizona Department of Public Safety (DPS), a Honda Accord driven by a woman was traveling northbound on I-19 near Kilometer 8 around 7 a.m. when the vehicle drifted off the right shoulder of the roadway onto the rumble strip. The car then crossed both northbound lanes, entering the median, crossing over into the southbound lanes.

The Honda then struck a Ford SUV head-on, causing the Ford to roll over. Both vehicles came to a stop in the southbound lanes. All nine occupants of the SUV and the driver of the Honda were taken to the hospital in Nogales.

One man died as a result of the crash. I-19 was closed in both directions for hours, but according to the Arizona Department of TransportationĀ (ADOT), the road is now open.

Crossover collisions are a problem on all Arizona highways.

Yesterday’s crossover collision on I-19 killed one person injured nine others. As typically happens, a vehicle (here, a small sedan) lost control, crossed the median, and collided head-on with oncoming traffic. There was no “median barrier” to prevent the vehicle from crossing into the opposing traffic lanes.

Median cable barriers are a safe, highly efficient and inexpensive way to prevent these accidents. It’s regrettable no medianĀ barrier was present to avoid this crash. Arizona has a long-standingĀ problem with crossover crashes.

The Leader Law Firm has been very proactive in litigation involving these accidents. Our condolences go out to the families affected by this tragic crossover crash.