Courtesy of the Auto Insurance Center

As the summer driving season kicks off, the Auto Insurance Center has come up with a list of the most dangerous highways in America. Leading the list? Interstate 10, winds 2,460 miles through eight states, including Arizona. While not the longest Interstate in the country, I-10 is the most deadly.

One reason cited in the article is a much-discussed topic on the Leader Law Firm blog. The report mentions that “long stretches of I-10 without barriers sparked numerous crossover crashes that proved fatal.” They speak the truth.

The Leader Law Firm has handled numerous cases involving fatalities on I-10, specifically between Phoenix and Tucson. An unusually high number of deaths has occurred on this stretch of I-10 over the past fifteen years. The Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT) is aware of the problem.

I-10 between Tucson and Phoenix was constructed in 1967, designed for 3,000-5,000 cars per day. Today, this same stretch of road averages 50,000-60,000 cars and trucks daily. The traffic load has increased significantly since 1967, with the speed limit rising from 55 to 75 MPH. Yet, the road is relatively unchanged and, in many areas, lacks median barriers that could help prevent deadly crossover crashes.

Numerous lawsuits involving fatal crossover crashes have been filed against the state, resulting in significant jury verdicts. Yet, the State of Arizona has not little to improve the highway or install cable median barriers.

In December of 2015, following a $47 million Maricopa County jury verdict, ADOT placed warning signs along highways, including I-10, all across the state. Big yellow highway signs warn drivers, “No Median Barriers.” Thanks for the advice.

The Auto Insurance Center has tallied up the fatalities, listing I-10 as the most dangerous highway in America.

Please be careful driving this summer. Safe travels.