A Green Valley woman lost her life on US 93 Monday afternoon in a three vehicle crossover collision.

The Arizona Department of Public Safety (DPS) confirmed that the crash occurred about 1:15 pm near milepost 29, about 30 miles south of Las Vegas. A Ford SUV traveling northbound suffered a tire blowout. The driver lost control of their car, crossing over the median into the opposing lanes of traffic.

There are no median barriers on this stretch of U.S. 93 in Arizona. No median barrier was present to stop the SUV from crossing the median and entering the southbound lanes. Tire failure was a contributing factor in the crash.

The SUV crossed the median into opposing traffic, where it struck two cars, a Cadillac and a Dodge. A 61-year-old Green Valley woman died as a result of the crash. Two people from the other vehicles involved were transported to a medical facility in Kingman.

While the DPS is investigating, it is crucial that these families seek legal help in the matter right away. A lot of firms claim to handle personal injury/wrongful death cases, but in this circumstance, you need to make sure.

Look for an attorney who has experience in wrongful death cases, specifically, a lawyer who has handled defective roadway cases. The Leader Law Firm has successfully represented multiple clients involved in crossover collisions on Arizona highways. It’s a sad fact that Arizona traffic fatalities continue to rise.

Crossover accidents almost always involve a fatality. Our condolences go to the family of the Green Valley woman who lost her life. Many stretches of Arizona highways and interstates lack median barriers. The State of Arizona has warning signs saying “No Median Barriers” posted all over the state.

According to the Arizona Department of Transportation, you have been warned.

Resource: Daily Miner Article, 07/27/17