Many of us have seen large trucks, such as semi-trucks and trailers, driving too fast or in a dangerous manner. Arizona has heavy truck traffic, as truckers frequently use Interstate 10 to move goods and produce cross country.

How safe are the trucks that use our highways? Ask an Arizona truck accident lawyer, and they will tell you. You can look up the safety record of any trucking company on the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) website.

Some of the most common causes of truck accidents are driver error, driver distraction, driver fatigue and driver negligence. Recently, a driver that caused a fatal crash on I-10 was deemed an “imminent risk” by the FMCSA and lost his license for not revealing a disqualifying medical condition.

Drivers are limited as to the number of hours they can drive. Hectic schedules often push drivers to exceed their driving limits to deliver their shipment on time. Driver fatigue is a frequent contributor to highway truck crashes.

Truck maintenance is another huge issue. Truck companies are required to keep their vehicles in safe working order. Some trucks on the road are very unsafe, with bald or old tires. Truck trailers can be improperly hooked up, or their loads can be unstable. Truck companies may fail to maintain their trucks, allowing them on the road in poor condition. Trucks are inspected on a regular basis, but these inspections don’t stop all poorly maintained vehicles on our highways.

The truck next to you could have deficient tires, ready to cause a blowout. It’s a scary fact that many of the semi and tractor trailers¬†beside you are compromised with either the driver, the semi-truck or both.

A tire blowout on a semi-truck on a highway is usually the catalyst for a catastrophic and often fatal crash.

If you have been involved in a trucking accident, you need experienced legal representation. Truck accident cases are complicated. You need an attorney who can help determine who is liable for your injuries and losses.

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