Insurance Companies-Friend or Foe?

Filing and working an insurance claim after a car accident can be very difficult. Getting the compensation, you are entitled to can be a challenge, especially when you are dealing with physical and emotional healing. Insurance adjusters will work to compensate you for damages to your car and pressing medical issues. However, if your situation demands more care such as tests, individual evaluations, chiropractic care or hospital stays, the process becomes complicated.

If you’ve never been in severe, injury-causing car accident, consider yourself lucky. Besides dealing with physical injuries, you may have other complicated issues to deal with such as lost work time, vehicle repair, emotional trauma and dealing with insurance companies.

What are some things you can you do to advocate for yourself and navigate the situation?

-Get a copy of the accident report and know the contents
-Reach out to the witnesses; they may help substantiate your case
-Have the contact information for the other drivers involved in the accident
-Keep a detailed log of any lost work time due to your injuries
-Document all of your medical expenses and keep all receipts related to your care
-Know your insurance policy and keep a copy of it handy
-Start and maintain an organized file of all accident-related items listed above
-Document all conversations that you have with the insurance company; who you spoke with, the date, etc.

It’s the job of the insurance adjuster to settle your claim. Adjusters have experience on their side; you might not. If you find the process of filing and dealing with an insurance claim too challenging, consider hiring a personal injury attorney to advocate for you. An experienced personal injury attorney knows how the insurance companies work. They can help you navigate the “maze,” protect your rights and help you get the compensation you are entitled to after an accident.

If you’ve suffered injuries in a severe car accident, you’ll need an experienced Tucson Personal Injury Lawyer in your corner.

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