Popular Mechanics magazine analyzes America’s highway data to determine the most dangerous highways every year. As a result, they publish an annual list of the top 25 most hazardous highways across the country, based on highway deaths per capita.

Over the years, several highways in Arizona have made this list, and 2020 is no exception. The Leader Law Firm focuses on catastrophic personal injury cases. Many of our injury and wrongful death cases are from highway crashes, often involving semi-trucks or defective roadways.

Specific safety measures such as cable median barriers could reduce fatalities from crossover crashes. However, the Arizona Department of Transportation has refused to recognize them as a viable safety measure.

What highways made the 2020 list of most dangerous highways?

I-17 between Tucson and Nogales came in at number seven, the first Arizona highway to appear on the list. Heavy truck traffic, a lack of median cable barriers, and increased traffic levels contribute to many fatalities. 

Coming in at number 11 is a notorious stretch of Arizona roadway that has made a list before; I-10 between Phoenix and the California border. According to Popular Mechanics, “the 150-mile stretch from Phoenix to the California border is dangerous, with this section through lightly populated desert seeing up to 85 deaths in a single year. However, Arizona’s total state death toll is only about 700 for all roads in an average year.” 

I-17 runs 145 miles from Phoenix to Flagstaff and appears on the notorious highways list. It’s known for lengthy delays during peak travel times (and when crashes occur); I-17 was the 13th deadliest roadway in the U.S. Governor Ducey announced plans to widen and improve I-17 by 2023, with construction scheduled to begin in 2021.

Arizona’s population has exploded in recent years. If we keep our highways safe for the public, it’s time to invest in improvements and proven safety measures.

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