The Leader Law Firm has long documented the deadly history of Interstate 10 in Arizona, specifically between Tucson and Phoenix.

The Leader Law Firm has handled several lawsuits involving median crossover crash fatalities on I-10. Two Maricopa County juries have returned large, million dollar verdicts against the state of Arizona in the past five years. A lack of median barriers on Interstate 10 is a contributing factor in these fatal accidents.

The Auto Insurance Center recently named I-10 as the “most dangerous highway in America”. They specifically cited “long stretches of I-10 without barriers sparked numerous crossover crashes that proved fatal”.

This week, the Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT) announced the formation of a four-state coalition between Arizona, California, New Mexico and Texas. The goal of the alliance between the states is to “make travel on Interstate 10 safer and more efficient”.

According to the ADOT Director, John Halikowski, the focus of the is “the efficient flow of commerce” between the states. I-10 is a primary trucking route for business, ending in California. The states will combine their expertise, resources and hopefully, share best practices.

The ADOT statement stresses “improving commerce” between the states, with a brief mention of safety issues on I-10. We are big proponents of developing trade in Arizona. We are even more prominent supporters of a safer I-10 with median barriers to help prevent crossover crashes.

I-10 is a major commerce highway, but it’s also a road used by families, business people and travelers. Commerce is important; but without a safe road, lives will continue to be lost.

We’re pleased to hear of the coalition between the states. Hopefully, significant upgrades will finally be made, including the placement of median barriers along I-10.

We hope the formation of this coalition is a sign that something is going to be done to make I-10 safer for everyone.

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