According to recent police statistics, Tucson’s streets have become deadly for pedestrians in 2017.

In 2016, 11 people lost their lives in pedestrian accidents. In 2017, twenty-two people have died this year, and there are still six weeks left in the year.

Tucson is on a near-record pace and officials are wondering how to stop this spike in pedestrian deaths.

Formed in 2013 to help promote pedestrian safety, the Tucson Pedestrian Advisory Committee (TPAC) has drafted a letter to Tucson Transportation Director Daryl Cole, calling for all intersections in the city to include “protected left” traffic signals.

A “protected left” means drivers would only be able to make a left turn if they had an arrow. Many intersections in Tucson don’t have “left turn only” arrows. While protected left turns are safer for pedestrians, they can slow down traffic flow, which can lead to congestion during peak hours.

The Tucson Transportation Department has begun a study about left turn only arrows. The study is expected take at least another year and a half. According to the TPAC, the study won’t provide a quick enough solution, which said the time lapse would allow the intersections “to remain¬†unnecessarily unsafe..and potentially killing or injuring dozens.”

Due to the high number of fatal crashes, the Federal Highway Safety Administration designated Tucson as a “pedestrian safety focus city” several years ago. It would appear that pedestrian fatalities have only increased, despite Federal and local attention. Many Tucson fatalities occur when pedestrians try to cross dark streets without using a marked crosswalk.

We sincerely hope that this frightening trend will be reversed and lives will be saved.

If you or a loved one have been injured or has lost their lives in a tragic pedestrian accident in Tucson, please the Leader Law Firm. We offer a free case evaluation and can help you determine the best course of action.