The Leader Law Firm primarily handles personal injury and wrongful death cases. John Leader has extensive experience in defective roadway cases involving dangerous roads, car, and trucking accidents, nursing home negligence, and medical malpractice, including metabolic disorder and drug injury cases. John also handles whistleblower cases.

Trial Work

If you are a lawyer with a significant injury matter and need help trying your case, contact me. I have extensive trial experience and success. I can step in, even late in the process, and assist you in trying your case.

Defective Roadways

I’ve probably done more roadway barrier litigation than anyone else in Arizona, focusing on cable barriers. I’ve been asked to speak at several legal seminars, to educate other lawyers about these types of cases. My results in these cases, including a $47 million dollar jury verdict, speak for themselves. In a roadway case, you need a lawyer who knows the standards and can prove they weren’t followed.

Whistleblower Cases

Often, people working in large companies learn of unfair or deceptive things the company is doing. Often, these practices unfairly cost governments vast sums of money. Employees are often afraid to report these practices for fear of retribution.

Metabolic Disorders

A metabolic disorder occurs when a child inherits subtle gene defects from the parents. As a result, the body can’t make enzymes necessary for individual chemical reactions or growth.

Trucking Accidents

Truckers often drive dangerously, sometimes to get their cargo delivered a little earlier. There are many regulations that truckers are supposed to comply with, including limits on how many hours they can drive and how they inspect their vehicles. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations include detailed requirements for truckers and trucking companies to follow.

Brain Injuries

I have both professional and family experience with brain injuries. I’ve represented many people with brain injuries, and, a couple of years ago, I got a $3.1 million settlement for a brain injured client.

In 1996, a close family member suffered a brain injury. My understanding of brain injuries is extensive and unique.

Nursing Home Abuse

The decision to place a loved one in a nursing home is difficult. When we make that decision, we trust and assume that our loved ones will be treated with care and dignity. Unfortunately, this is not always the case, and nursing home negligence and abuse can happen.

Auto Accidents

While my practice focuses on catastrophic injury cases and wrongful death, I handle car accident cases with significant injuries. To maximize your result in these cases, you need a lawyer who fully understands how you’ve been harmed so that full compensation can be obtained. I pride myself in achieving the best settlement result for each client.


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