If you have a Galaxy 7 Note phone, be aware that Samsung has announced a voluntary recall of Galaxy 7 Note phones.

While they are calling it a “replacement program” and not recall, they announced last week they had halted sales of all Samsung Galaxy 7 Note phones.

What’s the problem? There is a risk that the Galaxy Note 7 could catch fire or possibly explode while charging due to issues with the battery.

If you have a Galaxy 7 Note phone, you have the option to replace it with the Galaxy S7, the Galaxy S7 Edge or a different device with financial reimbursement for the difference in cost.

Samsung has sold 2.5 million Galaxy 7 Note phones. If you have one, company representatives are telling users to immediately power off the phone and return it to the retail location where it was purchased. Consumers must bring the phone with them to receive a refund or a replacement model.

Planning on getting on a plane with the phone in question? If you do, the phone must be powered off, and it can’t be connected to a charging device, and it should be carried on to the plane, not checked in luggage.

Photos of scorched phones have cropped up all over the Internet. However, Samsung has found a limited number of devices with a problem. To recall and replace 2.5 million devices and to stop current sales of the devices shows that the company is acting in the best interest of consumers.

The recall will no doubt be a costly problem for the South Korean electronics company.

Check online with your wireless provider, such as for further details.

If you have a Samsung Galaxy 7 device, power it off, take it to your retailer and get it replaced.