I’ve been in an auto accident; what now?

An auto accident is a traumatic event. You think that you will never forget it. However, your memory of the details may not be as good as you think, several months down the line. After an auto accident, it’s critical to write down the details. You may need them for a compensation claim in the future. Writing down the “who, what, where and when” facts is an excellent place to start.

Immediately after the accident; take the time to recover from the shock of the event and seek necessary medical treatment. When you can, write down the details of the crash, to the best of your recollection. What were the road conditions? The weather? Document it in chronological order, if possible. Include the smallest details, including the names of all witnesses. Did you hear someone comment about what they saw?

Injuries can show up days after the accident

You may suffer some degree of injuries after the crash. Many symptoms don’t show up until days later. Keep a journal about how you are feeling and any physical symptoms you are having. You may suffer emotional symptoms like anxiety and insomnia-things that are not as visible as a broken bone. All of this is necessary, and documentation of it is essential. Writing down your symptoms can help with future medical treatment. Your doctor can review your notes to help diagnose injuries and be able to relate them to the accident.

Your Daily Life & Work

Another critical set of facts is how the accident has impacted your everyday life. How many days of work have you missed? What are things you unable to do, due to your injuries?

Document everyone you talk to about the accident and when you spoke to them. This includes medical personnel, insurance adjusters or accident witnesses.

Keeping track of this information takes a lot of work. However, you may need accurate information in the future for a compensation claim.

Your detailed records will prove valuable to you and your attorney.

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