In the past five years, 87 pedestrians in Tucson lost their lives on the streets of Tucson. The number of pedestrian accidents in Tucson is higher than the national average. Because of these factors, the federal highway administration has stepped in, categorizing Tucson as a “pedestrian safety focus city.”

The is hosting a three-day pedestrian safety plan workshop this week. Experts with the Federal Highway Safety Committee are speaking with local officials, Tucson police, and transportation personnel about what kind of changes to make in Tucson. They are looking at data from crashes, where the most accidents occur and whether or not any enforcement or structural changes should be implemented.

At the end of the three-day workshop, City of Tucson officials are hoping to create a draft plan of changes that can be put in place to protect pedestrians and drivers in the future. The city wants to hear from the public about the situation.

Many factors contribute to the high number of fatalities on Tucson’s streets. Hopefully, the City of Tucson, in conjunction with the federal government, can come up with a plan to address specific problem areas. Safe roads are critical for everyone-pedestrians, bicyclists, motorcycles, and cars. The Pima Association of Governments has a web page devoted to pedestrian safety. Their “Walk Safe, Drive Safe” campaign includes a safety quiz and a PSA campaign.

We hope every effort will be made by everyone to reduce the number of pedestrian fatalities in Tucson.

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