Motor vehicle crashes claimed the lives of an estimated 40,000 people in 2016, an increase of six percent over 2015, according to the National Safety Council. One principal cause of car crashes can be a roadway defect.

What are some common road defects?

-Defective road construction
-Faulty road design
-Wrong or misplaced road signs
-Inadequate warnings
-Lack of pedestrian crossings
-Insufficient road lighting
-Objects left in the roadway
-Guardrail maintenance issues or a lack of guardrails on a highway
-Potholes or uneven pavement

Such defects can lead to tragic consequences: rollover accidents, head-on collisions, and side-impact collisions. The most dangerous kind of “lane departure” accident involves “median crossovers” when a vehicle going one way loses control, crosses over the median and enters opposing traffic lanes.

The outcome of these accidents can be catastrophic. Life-changing injuries can occur, or the results of the crash may be fatal.

Who can be held responsible?

If a roadway defect contributed to or caused a car accident, the government entity that’s responsible for the development and maintenance of that roadway can be held accountable for the crash and resulting injuries.

If you or someone in your household was involved in an accident due to a possible road defect, improper maintenance, or a failure of some other kind, it’s critical to act quickly. You may bring a claim against a government entity or another motorist who was partially at fault

Complex Cases

Roadway defect claims are complicated. Some lawyers are hesitant to take on these cases. Experienced attorneys who have been successful in these types of cases will know what kind of experts to consult with on the case. Roadways must be designed to meet particular specifications and standards. An experienced defective roadway lawyer will be familiar with these details.

The Leader Law Firm has helped numerous clients in these types of cases involving roadway defects in Arizona. The results speak for themselves.

You Need an Expert

If you suspect a roadway defect may have been a contributing factor, it’s imperative to talk to an expert lawyer in road defect cases. Contact the Leader Law Firm to schedule your free case evaluation.

You deserve the best representation to protect your rights and to seek full and fair compensation for injuries, possible lost earnings, emotional and physical pain and suffering and other related expenses.